I rented a safe deposit box in 1982, but lost track of it. Now the bank cannot locate the records or contents. How can I find out what happened to my property?

If you did not pay the annual fee on the safe deposit box, it would have been considered dormant once there was no activity—such as payment of the fee—for two to five years. The length of time necessary to declare a box dormant is defined by state statute.

If the property remains unclaimed, the bank may be required to transfer the contents of the safe deposit box to the state treasurer or unclaimed property office. Most states require that the bank send notice of the impending transfer to you at the last address of record on the bank's books.

If you wish to find out if property from your safe deposit box was sent to the state treasurer, contact your applicable state treasurer/unclaimed property office. You can also start your search by visiting National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators.

August 2017