When can I file a direct dispute with the furnisher?

You can dispute inaccurate information directly with the furnisher if it is about an account or other relationship you have with the furnisher.

Generally a furnisher must conduct a reasonable investigation of a direct dispute if it relates to:

  • Whether you are responsible for a credit account or debt with that furnisher; this would include issues concerning identity theft, fraud, liability, and whether you are an authorized user of an account;
  • The terms of the account; such as disputes relating to the type of account, the amount of the loan, the scheduled payment amount, or the credit limit on a credit card account;
  • The credit history reported about the account; such as disputes relating to whether a payment was made, high loan balance, the date a payment was made, or the date the account was opened or closed; or
  • Any other information contained in a consumer report regarding an account or other relationship with the furnisher that concerns your creditworthiness, your credit standing, your credit capacity or your general reputation.